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The Classic Swedish Massage consists of five basic strokes that are known as effleurage, petrissage, friction, tapotement, and vibration. These five strokes are designed to improve circulation, promote lymphatic movement, and increase oxygenation to muscle, break up adhesions inside of muscles, strengthen and contract weakened and overstretched muscles and to aid in pain management.

Medical Massage uses a combination of modalities to treat diagnosed conditions where massage therapy has been recommended by a physician or a Physical Therapist. Medical Massage has been used to treat chronic illnesses or conditions such as fibromyalgia, headaches, hypertension as well as heart bypass surgery to help accelerate healing and reduce anxiety and pain.

Deep Tissue Therapy uses strokes similar to swedish massage however the strokes are focalized in regions of muscles that have chronic issues. The pressure used in deep tissue is methodical with the purpose of stripping the muscle from layer to layer to reduce adhesions that may lie deep in the belly of the muscle. Deep tissue therapy can feel uncomfortable at times but it should not be painful. The purpose is to bring relief to areas that may suffer from ischemia (lack of oxygen) as well as to release toxins that may have build up due to excessive use of the muscle. People who suffer from repetitive stress injuries, fascia tightness or have scar tissue may benefit from Deep Tissue Therapy.

Massage Therapy is beneficial for those who look to improve circulation, need help with chronic pain, and want to promote lymphatic movement which aids in detoxifying the body.  Massage can increase oxygenation to muscle, break up adhesions that may interfere with movement or range of motion in the joints. As well as increasing muscle recovery by 75% for individuals who exercise frequently. Massage therapy is ideal for people with repetitive stress injuries, anxieties, high blood pressure and in need of complementary therapy while recovering from surgery and/or receiving physical therapy.


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